Top 10 Must Have Baby Items

What they say is true: When you have your second kid you realize how completely unnecessary all of the crap you bought for your first kid was!

Aside from the basic necessities like a carseat, crib, and pacifiers (although Luca still to this day refuses them,) below are my top 10 must have baby items. The majority of these items I didn’t have the first time around and I truly feel that my life would’ve been so much easier if I did!

1. DockATot

I know what you’re going to ask, is it really worth the money? Two words, HELL YES! Just ask any mom who got one for their baby. I honestly attribute how great of a sleeper Luca is (she sleeps 8pm-6:30AM, eats, then goes back down until 8:30am) to the DockATot. She co-slept with me in it for the first 3-4 months, then I transferred her to her crib, with her still in it (I know this is not recommended, but we did it anyway.) When she was able to roll over from tummy to back around 5 months, we took it out and transitioned her into just sleeping in her crib without it. Although we no longer use it, it was totally worth it for the first few months!

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2. Ring Sling

There is no more convenient baby-wearing apparatus out there. If you’re a mom of two, this thing is a LIFE SAVER, especially when your little one is a newborn and just wants to be snuggled all the time. I use my ring sling the most while out and about. It’s so easy to just throw on in the parking lot of the grocery store and stick her in it. She’s so secure and it doesn’t feel like she’s going to fall out, unlike other wraps. Now that she is bigger and can sit up with support, I can wear her on my hip in the ring sling, which is amazing and super comfortable for the both of us. I have a Sakura Bloom Ring Sling and the quality and colors are absolutely gorgeous!

3. Wrap

I know I just ragged on how “insecure” some baby wraps feel, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still recommend them. I used my Ergo Wrap with Luca daily while at home, lounging around, making dinner, and chasing Ayda around. It’s a bit tricky to put on at first, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. It’s comfortable enough to sit down on the couch with, which is something I felt was missing with all of the other carriers. Although I can never seem to tie it tight enough to go completely hands free (I am always holding up her butt underneath because it sags,) spending $20-$50 on one is so worth it for the first few months. I know some people who use it way beyond the first few months and are even able to wear their baby’s forward facing in it once they are big enough!

4. Big Carrier

Yes, I am recommending that you get three different types of carriers! That’s how much I love baby wearing. When I say “Big Carrier” I’m talking about the ones that have buckles and straps and you can wear them on your back. I have an Ergo Omni 360 and a Mia Mily Hipster Plus carrier and I love both of them! These are perfect for wearing for long periods of time at Disneyland, or while running through an airport, or even going on a hike!

5. Stroller W/ Carseat Attachment

I know, seems like a no brainer, but with my first, I don’t know why on earth I didn’t have one! There is nothing better than taking your sleeping baby out of the car and putting them in the stroller and them never waking up because you never had to physically take them out of the carseat! They just click right in and you're good to go!

6. Banana Toothbrush

If you only buy one toy in your child’s entire lifetime, please buy them this banana toothbrush. Not only is it the cutest thing seeing a little baby gnawing on a banana like a monkey, they absolutely love it and it feels so good on their itchy gums! Luca chews on it all day and it’s really easy to clean!

7. A Cheap Swing

This is another one of those items where I am kicking myself for not having one with Ayda. I did have a fancy 4Moms mamaRoo, but Ayda screamed bloody murder every time we would put her in it (which was fine, because I just wanted to hold her all day anyway.) This time, we got Luca a $50 swing that just goes back-and-forth and I swear she lived in it for the first 4 months, which was amazing because I had a million and one things to do throughout the day (all of which didn’t not allow vegging out on the couch holding a baby, unfortunately.)

8. White Noise Machine

We live in a pretty small apartment, with very old wood floors that creak when you walk. You can pretty much hear someone breathing in the room next to you. Couple that with a 3 year old stomping around all day and you have the absolute shittiest conditions for a baby to sleep in! Having a white noise machine drowns out all of the noises around them and helps them sleep harder and longer. Fun fact: Did you know that inside of the womb it’s as loud as a vacuum machine?! This means that white noise is actually reminds babies of being inside of the womb!

9. Bumpo

Having something like the Bumpo has helped a lot when it comes to me needing to get things done around the house. Especially when Luca reached the age where she needed to have her eyes on me at all times or else she would freak out! With the Bumpo, I could place it in whatever room I was going to be in so that I could do what I needed to do, while still having her close by.

10. Clear Nose Nasal Aspirator

I know EXACTLY what you're thinking. I thought the same thing when I was pregnant with Ayda and someone recommended this “amazing nose sucker that allows you to suck boogers out of your child’s nose with your mouth.” NO, THANK YOU!

Well, after experiencing a “baby cold” first hand, I decided to give this little sucker a try.

Let me start by saying that it’s really not as nasty as it seems. You’re not actually coming in contact with any of the boogs. You’re just using the power of your lungs to forcefully suck snot from your child’s nasal cavity. Said snot then gets trapped in a little compartment that you can then blow out to discard, and completely clean out.

If you have ever tried to use one of those “bulb syringe” aspirators, you know that they sort of work, but they don’t really work. You have to suck at least 4 times to even get close to clearing everything out of there. And am I the only one who has ever wondered what the bulb looks like on the inside after you’ve used it 50+ times (and idk about you but at 3am when my child can’t sleep because she can’t breathe, I don’t always clean it out right away!)

This thing works. It really works. Just try it, ok?


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