7 Keto-Friendly Brands You Must Try!

I am a firm believer that while on a diet, if you completely deprive yourself of the things you enjoy without finding alternatives that are within boundaries, you are automatically setting yourself up for failure. When I first started Keto, I was constantly on the internet researching different Keto-friendly brands that had snacks and sweet treats comparable to the ones that I would eat before starting the diet. During the first few weeks I was in the grocery store multiple times per week purchasing new things to try and I’ve narrowed down and compiled all of my favorites below!


This zero-calorie, zero-sugar, Stevia sweetened soda is out of this world! They have tons of different flavors from Ginger Root Beer, Cola, Black Cherry, and so many more - my favorite is Cream Soda. They taste just like the real deal and leave you with zero guilt after drinking one. My husband is an avid soda drinker (like he once drank 2 liters of root beer in a day) and even he has converted to these. They differ from other “diet sodas” because they are sweetened with Stevia leaf, have no artificial colors, and no phosphoric acid. They have an array of other products listed out on their website and they are in a variety of stores including Target and Whole Foods.

Good Fat Bars

As the former queen of protein bars, I NEEDED to find a low-carb alternative to have as an on-the-go snack or quick, light breakfast. Most protein bars are loaded with carbs which is obviously not ok on the Keto diet, so these Good Fat Bars are made specifically for Keto and come in so many different yummy flavors - I love the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough one! You can pick them up at Whole Foods.

Dave’s Killer Bread

Bread? YES, bread! This stuff is the BOMB. I get this one and it has only 9g net carbs per slice! It’s perfect for avocado toast or to make half of a sandwich with. Be forewarned that it is heavily seeded, but it is still moist like bread should be. I am a huge fan. Pro Tip: Be sure to get the thin sliced kind and store it in your refrigerator to make it last even longer!

Thin Slim - Zero Carb Bagels

Ok, I’m going to be completely honest here. These are dry. Like very dry. But, as you venture further into our Keto journey, there will be days when you just crave something carb-like and you want to feel like a normal human again and these Thin Slim Bagels absolutely do the trick. Slap a mountain of cream cheese on it and pour a (very large) glass of water and you eat that Zero Carb Bagel! I promise it will hit the spot and do the trick.

Lily’s Dark Chocolate

You have probably already heard of this brand, but that’s ok because you need to hear about it again. It’s that good. Pricey, yes, but even more delicious. I always grab a bar of Lily's Dark Chocolate at Whole Foods to snack on while shopping and keep one in the cabinet for a treat after the kids go to bed because “NO, I AM NOT SHARING MY EXPENSIVE-ASS-CHOCOLATE!”

Rebel Creamery

ICE CREAM WITH ZERO SUGAR AND ONLY 7G NET CARBS PER PINT. That’s all you need to know. Pro tip: Make sure you leave it out of the freezer to soften for at least 20 minutes before eating. The softer is it, the better the texture will be. The Coffee Chip is the best. Visit their website to find it in a store near you.

Koia Keto Shake

This shake is packed with protein, zero sugar, and only 5g net carbs. It’s super sweet so I honestly would have it as my dessert some nights or when I was just in need of a little treat. I’ve tried the cake batter and the vanilla bean flavors and both were the bomb! You can pick them up at Whole Foods or check out their website for more locations.


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