Making the Switch to Being a Full-Time Influencer

As many of you know, I have had substantial social media following for about 3 to 4 years now after a few family photos of ours went viral on Twitter. That very day, I decided to start a blog and began sharing my experiences as a young, college mom on my various social media channels. My following has continued to grow ever since as I shared glimpses into our lives as we navigated through parenthood (it also helps that my kids are super cute and my husband is very easy on the eyes!) I’ve always dreamed of being able to “do social media” or be an Influencer full time and now, I can finally say that I am.

While I’ve had my fair share of jobs from working at an accounting firm, a baby company, and, over the last few months, working remotely for a tech company, making money from social media was always my “side hustle.” I always had in my back pocket, but was never in the position to fully explore because of our stage in life with me needing to work full time since I graduated in May of 2016. Now that Adrian is done with going to school and playing football (though he is still getting his MBA online,) he now has a full-time job working in Brand Management at a toy company. This means that as of January, we were finally in a place financially that we had never been in before with both of us being employed full-time.

Or so we thought.

The tech company that I had been working for since September (in true start-up fashion) ran into issues with funding (aka I haven’t gotten a paycheck since January.) Of course, this had to happened literally the same week that Adrian began working his job, so just when we thought we were going to be in a great place financially by doubling our monthly household income, I stopped receiving any income at all. I continued working for them full-time- without pay - with hopes that their funding issues would be resolved.

As the days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, the bills kept coming and the checks, well, were completely non-existent.

I had to do something and I had to act fast.

Adrian and I sat down one night after he got off work to talk about what in the hell we were going to do. I couldn’t go back to work in an office because we couldn’t afford full-time daycare for both kids, and I wasn’t getting any calls back from the few remote positions I was applying to.

I soon had an “ah-ha” moment that this was the opportunity I had been waiting for all of these years. This was my opportunity to really take advantage of my social media audience and give it my all.

And I did just that.

That very night, I created a one-page sheet about me and my following and a rate sheet based on my engagement, and I began reaching out to every brand under the sun, and applying to every campaign I could find.

Before I knew it, within the first month I was able to bring in 3 times more than what I had ever brought in prior from social media. By the 4th month I was making 3 times more than what I was making at my “real” job.

Last week it finally hit me.

It was time to quit my “real” job and really pursue this full-time. I’m taking a leap of faith because I trust myself and my ability to succeed - even more so when placed in an “all or nothing” situation.

One thing about Adrian and I, and really what I attribute our success to in life thus far, is that whenever we are placed in difficult situations, rather than dwelling on them and letting them make us fail, we always use it as a way to help facilitate something even greater and come out on top.

Here’s to new beginning as an official “Influencer!” Of course, none of this would be possible without my follower’s constant love and support. I owe it all to you guys!

Shall I change my title on LinkedIn now? :)


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