Life Update April 2016

Adrian & I often fantasize about our future. We're one of those couples who talk about our mansion that we're going to live in, with our 5 cars, some horses, a private lake, six kids, you know, casual stuff.  But let's be real- we're in our 20's with a baby, unemployed, with a ton of student loans... We aren't getting that all black Benz any time soon.

We are planners.  We make Excel spreadsheets for everything, buying groceries, our bills, Adrian even made an inventory sheet so he could log how many diapers/wipes we had before Ayda was born. So when it comes to our future we pretty much have it all planned out in our minds, however as we are extremely aware, the plans you have in your head don't always pan out accordingly.

An amazing lesson that I have recently learned is that:

As important as it is to have goals in life, it's just as (maybe even more) important to leave room for 'surprises'.

Now I'm not just talking babies-- I'm talking every day things that happen to every day people.

Ultimately, yes, I would love to live in my dream house, with my dream man (I can check that off the list), & have personal chef, along with all of the other things that I listed above.  But I'm a realist, so maybe that can be me in my next life.

As many of you know, I am graduating from the University of San Francisco on May 20, 2016, with a Bachelors Degree in Economics. Adrian, however, still has 2 more years (yes, I robbed the cradle, #notsorry).  So after I graduate, we are moving out of our apartment literally the next day back down to Los Angeles, which is where the majority of my family lives.

It is so important to us that Ayda grows up around family, but because we have worked so hard in laying this foundation with just the 3 of us, it is also equally important to partially maintain this independent lifestyle that we have created. More specifically, we are moving about an hour from my mom but about 30 minutes from my grandma so she can help babysit every once in a while and what not.

As far as income goes, I've been in the process over the last few months of applying to a trillion places.  If you can't tell by now, when I want to make something work, I make it work. So I'm being extremely picky with the companies in which I am applying to. Eventually, I would love to be a Production Manager at a film making company.  So, because I have my eye on the prize, I have been only applying to major production companies (Pixar, DreamWorks, Sony, Universal, etc.) for an assistant position so I can have the opportunity to work my way up the ladder. Cross your fingers for me that something will work out in my favor, but again, I'm leaving room for alternatives & not getting too ahead of myself.

As exciting as the upcoming months are for me, Adrian' has got his own thing going on. He just committed to finish out his college career at Azusa Pacific University, where he will run track & *hopefully* play football. After that he's thinking maybe Law School? But I always think it's best to only plan your life 2 years at a time.  It leaves out room for any disappointment & internal stress trying to plan major details of your life in which are currently out of your control.

[This is a side note & unrelated to our future plans, but I just wanted to express how thankful I am for this man. One of his only desires for the future was to be given the opportunity to play football again.  He could've very well accepted offers from schools in the Mid-West or heck, even back home in Washington.  However, because of his equal desire to make my heart happy & see me succeed in my own ways, he chose a school that is near my family, & more importantly where I will have more job opportunities. Adrian, if you're reading this, you my day one, baby. I LOVE YOU!]

Anyway, although our plans aren't set in stone, the same philosophy we have carried throughout our journey so far, we will continue to carry with us in our next stages in life. Yes we have a child, yes we are young, yes we are still in school, but we have each other & we have a drive inside of us. And because of that, we refuse to let anything keep us from achieving our goals.

But in the meantime, we will be living in the moment & trying not to stress too much about the future. I'll keep you guys posted!


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