I'm Not Spending Money on a Stupid Pregnancy Test

I'm just going to jump right into the juicy stuff, as I'm sure that's what you're all waiting to hear. How long have we been together?  What happened when we found out that I was pregnant?  Was it planned?  Was our family supportive? Why didn't we take time off of school? I know guys, I know.  I'll get to it.

But let's start off slow.

The Preface

Adrian & I had been long-distance-internet dating since about January that year.  To be honest, I had no clue if the guy was a catfish or not, but I figured FaceTiming multiple times a day would prove to be legit enough. I mean look at him, it was worth the risk.

August 2014

We moved to San Francisco to start our new lives at the University of San Francisco.  He lived in the dorms, I had my own place. *Indicator number one that something fishy was bound to happen*

New city, new school, new hot man-friend, & no new friends because who needs friends when you have a hot man-friend?

We spent literally every moment with each other from that point on.

December 17, 2014

It was Christmas break and we decided it was best if we had alone time with our families- he came to Los Angeles with me to have Thanksgiving with my family. I was excited to see my friends, since I didn't have any in San Francisco, and to finally go out and live it up like college kids were supposed to.

But there was one problem.

I could not stay awake for the life of me.

I literally slept the entire time I was home.

December 26, 2014

I cut my trip short because 9 days away from each other was too much to bear (lol, yuck!)

December 27, 2014;

"Damn it, I'm going to start my period today."

December 28, 2014;

"WOO! Never mind. One more day of freedom."

December 29, 2014;

*scratches head*

"I'm like 99% positive I got my period on the 27th last month...oh well  I'M FREE!!"

Adrian: "Um, babe.. Maybe you should take a test?"

Me: "You're an idiot, no I'm not spending money on a stupid pregnancy test when my period will prove tomorrow that I'm fine."

December 30, 2014;

Adrian: "Did you start it??"... "No? Please buy a test today" ..."It's not a waste of money, please just buy one"...

"Mikayla, I'm not going in there by myself"... "Fine."

*Adrian comes back with a test*

Me: "Ok but I'm not taking it until tomorrow just to prove to you that I'll be on my period"

December 31, 2014;

*I take the test after Adrian nags me for 5 hours*

"...... babe.... BABE... BABE!!! WHAT THE F*CK!!!!"


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