Hello, I'm Mikayla!

Mama Shocks is a Los Angeles native who lives with her husband, Adrian and two daughters, Ayda and Luca.  She began her blog by way of sharing her experiences as a college student, attempting to stay on track when caught by surprise by her unexpected pregnancy. Today her blog is dedicated to continuing to share her experiences of navigating through adulthood, while finding the balance between being a wife, mom of two, and a young, twenty-something-year-old.

Raw, Real, + Relatable is a term coined by this blog, as Mikayla has a way of connecting with her readers of all ages with her honesty and transparency.


What do you and Adrian do for work?

I work from home for a start-up tech company. As many of you know, I recently quit my full-time office job, to take on this opportunity that was presented to me by a family-friend, who also works for the company. My hope is to continue to grow my social media presence so that I can transition into this full-time. Adrian works for a toy company on the Marketing team.

Do we want more kids?

POSSIBLY! I love the age gap that Ayda and Luca have, so maybe in a couple of years. If you ask Adrian, it's a hard no, lol.

Did you guys go to college?

Yes! I graduated from University of San Francisco with a Bachelor's degree in Economics in 2016. Adrian graduated from Azusa Pacific Univeristy with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, and is currently enrolled in his MBA program, getting his Master's degree. His expected graduation date is December of 2019.

How did you and Adrian meet and how long have you been together?

When I committed to going to USF as a transfer student, I was told about this app that you can go on to meet new people who were going to be going to the same school. I went on the app and there was a thread full of everyone's Instagram/Twitter handles. I found and followed Adrian on both Instagram and Twitter. After a few days of liking each other's pictures back and forth on IG, I slid into his DM's on Twitter and told him to text me. The rest is history! Romantic, eh? That was May of 2014, so we are coming up on almost 5 years of being together!

What are your girls' names and how did you come up with them?

Their full names are: Ayda Zoelle Shocks (you pronounce her first name like A-da, not Eye-da) Luca Vienna Shocks (more commonly known as Lulu) I wish I had a sentimental story about our daughters' names, but honestly we just really liked them. We did take into consideration the meanings of the names once we came up with them: Ayda is of Arabic/Persian origin and means "benefit," which is so fitting because she has benefited our lives more than we could have ever imagined. Zoelle is a Greek name is means "alive," also very fitting because of how full of life our sweet, wild, girl is. Luca is traditionally an Italian male name, however it has more recently been used for girls. Luca means "light," and I think it is absolutely perfect for her. I have seen a handful of meanings behind the name Vienna, but my favorite is the Indian meaning, "chosen one."

Where are you and Adrian from and where do you live now?

I am from the suburbs of Los Angeles, and he is from the suburbs of Seatlle. We both currently live in Los Angeles.